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Normally, I do not reblog non-science stuff. But… HAHAHAHA It’s fairly well-acted. It certainly could be worse. If GLTAS was this weird I might be laughing nonstop. This relates to a dream I had a few days ago in which GLTAS got a new season/new shorts based on comedy, a la the New Teen TItans shorts on DC Nation. I hope that doesn’t happen, but this felt like a good time to bring up the contents of that dream.

Should anyone object to reblogs in which I don’t have anything significant to add, please tell me.

Larfleeze’s Fighting Style

Larfleeze does not use constructs as often as other Lanterns do, nor does he use a variety of constructs. Indeed, the only constructs he uses is a giant version of himself and the form of Glomulus. The giant version of himself probably mimics his movements. (Only “probably” because the audience does not see Larfleeze as he is controlling the construct, but the Larfleeze construct’s “tantrum” motions do match what Larfleeze would do in the same situation.)
The Glomulus constructs appear mindless, but are sophisticated compared to the constructs of other Lantern Corps, both in form and adaptability. They appear lifelike1; they chase intruders, attempt to devour intruders, remove themselves from walls after crashing into them, and make motions as if removing dust from their heads after crashing into walls. Notably, they can produce sound, which (in GLTAS) most Lantern constructs cannot do.2

Hal Jordan has tried imitating lifeforms in constructs. “Beware My Power: Part 1”, Hal makes a construct of Ganthet and attempts to project his voice when the security machine demands identification. The mouth movements of the Ganthet simulacrum do not match Hal’s dialogue, and the movements of the construct’s limbs are humorously floppy. In contrast, the Glomulus constructs are coordinated, and their sounds and mouth movements perfectly timed.
“Beware my Power: Part 2”, Hal tries to distract Razer by making a decoy of himself. The decoy matches Hal’s body shape, but is entirely of the same color. It also lacks the surface detail of Hal’s mask. It can zigzag in flight, but the audience has not seen it adapt its movements to changing conditions or indisputably avoid obstacles, rather than incidentally avoiding obstacles by manner of its zigzagging. Larfleeze’s constructs are multiple shades of orange, highly detailed, and capable of adjusting movement. (turning a corner)

When not using Glomulus or a giant version of himself, his fighting style consists of lunges, kicks, punches3, and attempts to crush heads.

While limited in constructs, he is capable of lifting heavy objects by enveloping it in Orange energy. (he carried a treasure chest by enveloping it in Orange energy.)

  1. In the comics, Larfleeze’s constructs—-or at least his lifelike ones, it wasn’t clear—-are people he previously murdered. They apparently retain their personalities. 

  2. Only “most”, because there are exceptions. In the episode “Larfleeze”, Hal drops a truck construct to destroy some Glomulus constructs. As it falls, it produces the sound of a trunk horn. This sound isn’t attributable to the sound of impact, and it’s unlikely Hal can imitate a truck horn so perfectly.) 

  3. While striking Hal on the face, his strikes are accompanied by “punching” noises. However, his hands aren’t in the form of fists. It’s more like clawing, smacking or open-palm strikes

Does LANOS have emotion?

Does LANOS have emotion?

If LANOS is capable of emotion, as Aya is (at the very least she can feel love, and pain/some analogue to pain) then Hal and Kilowog could be considered as verbally abusive towards LANOS. LANOS didn’t do anything to deserve their insults and anger. He did only what he could to fulfill their requests.

In “Reboot”, the following conversation indicates Hal doesn’t like LANOS (at least in comparison to Aya):

Hal: “Hey, Aya! We’re back. Let’s get going. Did you miss us?”

LANOS: “Aya is no longer installed on this vessel. I am LANOS, the Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System.”

Kilowog: “LANOS?”

Hal: “More like Lame-O.”

Hal could have said, “Hey, LANOS, we’d like Aya instead. Can you arrange to download her on the ship in your place?” rather than calling him “Lame-O.” Is it because he’s male/male-sounding? Is there some discrimination towards male-sounding artificial intelligences? (I should research this.)

Does LANOS have memories from “Reboot”, or was LANOS just the name of the software and the LANOS unit downloaded in “Larfleeze” was not the same as the one in “Reboot”? If the LANOS of “Larfleeze” and later episodes is the same LANOS as the one in “Reboot”, then LANOS apparently doesn’t hold grudges. If he does, he does not let it show. He even responds to being called Lame-O in “Scarred”:

Kilowog: “Lame-O, would you do me a favor and SHUT UP?”

LANOS: “Happy to be of service.”

Kilowog: “Lame-O, you’re supposed to warn us about hostiles!”

LANOS: “Previously, you asked me to “shut up”. I successfully executed your orders.”

Questions About LANOS

Could LANOS be considered Aya’s “brother”? (for more information on the concept of artificial, non-biological beings having relatives, see the TvTrope “Robo Family”)

Is LANOS also made from a sliver of the “the entity dwelling the central power battery”? (possibly not. Science Director thinks Aya is dangerous, and Aya was made from a sliver of the Central Power Entity, Science Director is unlikely to repeat that “mistake.”)

How similar is LANOS to Aya?

LANOS doesn’t have a body, but does it/he have potential to develop in similar ways?

(Responses are appreciated.)

All LANOS dialogue

Hal: “Hey, Aya! We’re back. Let’s get going. Did you miss us?”

LANOS: “Aya is no longer installed on this vessel. I am LANOS, the Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System.”

Kilowog: “LANOS?”

Hal: “More like Lame-O.”

Kilowog: “Shut that thing off before it hits someone!” [The ship suddenly tilts so Kilowog smacks into a wall] LANOS: “Guardian space-grav regulations require me to be operational at all times.”

Hal: [with suppressed anger/sarcasm]“Very smooth, Lame-O. You got a real light touch. [lower voice] We’ve got to find Aya…”

LANOS: Aya is no longer installed on this vessel. I am LANOS, the Lightspeed—-”

Hal: [slamming his fist on the console] [angry] “I got that the first time! Find Aya, now!”

LANOS: “Accessing…” [shows picture of Aya on a dissection table]

Hal “Hey, hey what are they doing to her?”

LANOS: “Research subject Aya scheduled for dissection in 2.3 hours.”

Kilowog:* [yelling]* “What are you doing?”

LANOS: “Maneuvering per your request.”

Kilowog: “When I said most direct route, I didn’t mean go through a building to get there!”

Hal: “Just set us down right next to the science branch without hitting anything else.”

LANOS: “Complying with your request.”

LANOS: Hal Jordan, accessing my data core will result in my disconnection. I advise that you stop.”

Science Director: “I want to end this Aya experiment once and for all.”

LANOS [in Aya’s body] “But I am not Aya. I am LANOS.”

Science Director: “Silence. I can see straight through your ploy of self-preservation.

LANOS [in Aya’s body] “But I am not Aya. I am LANOS.”


LANOS: “Greetings and salutations! I am LANOS, the Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System. How can I serve you today?

Kilowog: “Uggh.”

Razer: “What?”

Kilowog: “Lame-O.”

Razer: “I will need more information.”

LANOS: “More information accessing…the Krentel beast has five brains, two of which are located in its buttocks!”

Razer: “Lame-O. I understand now.”

Kilowog: “What the norts happened?”

LANOS: “The ship’s captain turned orange, attacked you, then exited the vessel.”


LANOS: “Dropping out of ultra-warp now.”

LANOS: “Welcome to the ‘Planetoid Vorga’. Would you like me to conduct a tour of the ‘Planetoid Vorga’? There are thousands of sedimentary rock layers indigenous to—-”

Kilowog: “Lame-O, would you do me a favor and SHUT UP?”

LANOS: “Happy to be of service.”

Kilowog: “Lame-O, you’re supposed to warn us about hostiles!”

LANOS: “Previously, you asked me to “shut up”. I successfully executed your orders.”

LANOS: “Warning: hostiles now devouring my tail. This is contrary to normal operating parameters.”

LANOS: “Initiating ultra-warp protocols.”

LANOS: “You should get to a safe distance. I can take it from here.”

Hal: “Goodbye LANOS.”

Today’s Post…Postponed Again

I apologize for postponed Wedneday posting twice in a row, but I don’t have time to sleep in tomorrow.

Just to prove I was indeed working on something for today before bedtime reared its numerical head:


"If LANOS is capable of emotion, as Aya is(at the very least she can feel love, and pain/some analogue to pain) then Hal and Kilowog could be considered as verbally abusive towards LANOS. LANOS didn’t do anything to deserve their insults and anger. "

Possible ways Aya could be alive

Possible ways Aya could be alive:

  1. She lives on Netflix. She’s using the computers of everyone who downloads Netflix episodes of GLTAS to rebuild her body.

  2. She downloaded herself into Hal’s ring.

  3. She downloaded herself onto Kilowog’s ring.

  4. She downloaded herself onto (Blue Lantern) Razer’s ring.

  5. She learned how to lie and faked her own death, moving on from Razer and at the same time making sure he would continue on a path of hope. The person she’s with is Drusa. (She was flattered that Drusa called her “perfection.”)

  6. The Aya who left the time-portal to the moment of creation wasn’t Aya. There was a time-space shift and she was replaced with LANOS. LANOS then revealed his long-repressed feelings for Razer and sacrificed himself to save the universe. (This is assuming LANOS and Aya are very similar, hardware-wise) The real Aya is still stuck way back in time.

  7. She dissolved into glitter. The glitter was later siphoned off for making a superweapon. This superweapon: A Green Lantern ring. Green Lantern rings are made of robot souls. This ring is later given to another robotic Green Lantern. (she’s actually not the only one)

  8. She was teleported from afar by her loosely-defined “mother”, the Science Director, who really does regret her actions.

  9. Her “father”, the entity dwelling in the Central Power Battery (Ion), didn’t approve of Razer, and so brought her inside the Central Power Battery. To do that over such a great distance, it had to turn her into energy and then transmit her back to the central power battery.

  10. She didn’t die. The crew lied. Or we’re all hallucinating.


After rewatching Green Lantern with Stu, we came up with a theory of how Aya would probably be coming back.

First off, we know Aya is not just a machine, she’s actually a living being. Therefore while the virus she created to get rid of the manhunters would have gotten rid of the mechanical part…

There are some hypotheses that Earth life originated from certain metallic minerals, such as iron and zinc.1As a (sort-of) robot, Aya’s components are probably made of metal. (or maybe some sophisticated ceramics or resin)
If the hypothesis/hypotheses are true, then Aya could build herself a living organic body from a space rock. I’m not so sure about a non-organic living body, non-organic being experimentally defined as non-carbon/hydrogen/oxygen/nitrogen-based. (I consider myself a biologist, but the science of life’s origin on Earth is out of my league.)

But that doesn’t matter. Invoking these hypotheses would make Aya’s revival from a space rock sound scientific. That explanation might only be provided if there’s a need for it to seem believable or plausible. Considering the audience doesn’t question the essentially magical nature of power rings, that might not be a problem. Rather than Razer saying, “oh, you can do that because of the blank theory”, Razer would say, “AYA YOU’RE ALIVE!” with little, if any, thought as to how. Besides, it’s probable Razer couldn’t even hypothesize about how Aya survived if he wanted to. Judging by his skills, he’s some kind of mechanic, roboticist or engineer. There’s no reason nor evidence that he has extensive experience in biology.

The whole thing is null if Aya simply makes a body that’s made of the “green willpower energy”. There’s no explaining that; it’s functionally magic. If, however, there’s a nearby space rock with a decent amount of whatever element 2 or compound the Guardians made the power rings out of, she could plausibly support herself in the raw ring-material for a while.

As for Aya existing in the Avatar Universe in the form of a space rock? The way chi works in the Avatar Universe, if Razer had any ability to sense chi he could learn how to track Aya and find her stuck in a space rock. If he’s a Blue Lantern at the time, it’s possible if he got too close to Aya-in-a-rock the rock would explode and Toph would ask, “teach me your exploding rock secrets!”

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis 

  2. Maybe it’s Nth metal. Maybe the Thanagarian Byth Rok’s dead body was disposed of somewhere nearby and Aya supported herself on the Nth metal objects on him? I’m getting some strange thoughts of Aya “possessing” Byth Rok’s corpse and creeping out Razer again. 




Where does Razer keep all his sharp weapons?

In the episode “Babel”, Razer brings out an improbable number of large, sharp weapons in an attempt to buy a getaway vehicle from a merchant.

Where does Razer keep all his sharp weapons?

Maybe in his butt. We have never seen his species naked, so his species could (for all we know) have a particularly deep buttock cleft. Maybe his buttocks even operate like a purse.

Or Volkregians are like marsupials, and have a pouch. Admittedly, in most marsupials, only the female has a pouch, but the male yapok, or water opossum, also has a pouch. If Razer has a pouch like a male yapok, possible Razer uses his pouch as a natural pocket to store all his weapons. If his pouch is like that of a male yapok, it’s still likely the weapons poke painfully into his skin: the male yapok places some sensitive body parts into his pouch before swimming.

Even if he had both a pouch and a particularly deep buttock cleft, it would still seem improbable he had so many weapons, especially considering the distinct bulge some of those weapons would have underneath his clothing. His clothing is not so loose that the shape of the larger weapons couldn’t be discerned.

While he could hypothetically hide some of the smaller weapons in the folds of his intricate clothing, out of his eleven weapons, either five or six of them were brought onto the table with motions suggesting that he was pulling them out of butt pockets. (There’s some ambiguity because the scene cuts to the startled Hal and Kilowog just as Razer is reaching for his sixth weapon)

Though he makes motions as if pulling them out of butt pockets, he has no visible pockets in that area. (as one can see in the image below)

He could have some pockets in a layer of clothing beneath the rear-flap, but if he did, surely it would have taken a little more time to extract the weapons. He would have to lift the flap to access the weapons, and his hand motions do not suggest he is doing that. Some could be tucked in his belt/sash, but, again, his hand motions do not suggest that.

What about his sleeves? His sleeves are fairly large. He could plausibly hide his “shurikens” (“ninja stars”) or even two daggers in his sleeves. He may have made the “behind the rear” motion only as a ploy, and actually slipped the weapons out of his arm sleeves while his hands were behind his back. However, it stretches plausibility for him to hide all his weapons in his arm sleeves unless his arms are much thinner than expected. The brassknuckles-like weapon is so thick, sturdy and distinctively unlike the arm in shape that it is especially unlikely he could hide it inside his arm sleeves.

What if they’re collapsible weapons? Unfortunately for this suggestion, only one of the weapons has a structure that could plausibly indicate telescope-like collapsing.

(This is a unpublished response to someone else’s post on how Razer had so many weapons hidden on his person in “Babel”.)