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Hal Jordan’s Morals

Working title: Papa Hal: Why Hal Jordan is a Good Father Figure. I renamed it because he’s not a good father in specific, but a good person in general.

Hal Jordan is able to avoid the fundamental attribution error. He can consider external factors when evaluating the cause of someone’s behavior, rather than exclusively blaming it on the person’s personality.

Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns kill Green Lanterns (and attempt to kill civilians) out of a desire for revenge against the Guardians, the creators of the Manhunters that devastated the Forgotten Zone. (an area of space where it can be assumed all the Red Lanterns come from) The Guardians knew about the Manhunter attacks on the Forgotten Zone, but omitted it from their record, for, as Ganthet says, “History is written by the victors.”

Atrocitus had tried to kill Hal, attempted to destroy two planets he knew had sentient life, tried to kill the Guardians and probably killed some number of Green Lanterns prior to the series. Hal could have perceived Atrocitus as just a bad guy he had to beat up as a matter of course, and indeed he said he was looking forward to a “no-holds barred cage match”. Instead, Hal admitted Atrocitus was right to be angry and demand restitution for the Guardians’ actions, even extending help to him quite sincerely.

His Exact words were:

Hal: “As much as I’ve been looking forward to the winner-take-all, no-holds-barred cage match, I’ve got something to say. Something I never thought I’d hear coming out of my mouth.
You’re right.
What the Manhunters did to your sector was a tragedy. Your rage is earned. But destroying life here isn’t going to change what happened there. Let’s work together to find a solution, a way to make things better for the people of the Forgotten Zone. Let us help.”

Atrocitus was too far gone and Hal had his anticipated “cage match” anyway, but Hal was so much of a good person to do this I can’t even find an adequate adjective to describe his behavior.

Other episodes:

Appa Ali Apsa: “The viceroy of Demrax VII claims that when we assigned you to police crucial peace negotiations, you punched him in the face. Is this true?”

Hal: “No, sir. I punched the viceroy in the stomach, then I headbutted him in the face, sir. The viceroy was a serious dirtbag, using diplomatic immunity to cover up his slave trafficking ring.”

Ganthet: “The council should note that Hal Jordan’s claims have since been proven true by Demrax authorities.”

Appa Ali Apsa: “That is not the point. This Lantern clearly seems to revel in exceeding his authority, ignoring our orders, and making his own—-[Appa Ali Apsa is interrupted by the dome opening]

This dialogue shows two things about Hal. The first is that’s honest. Though he might have minimized the ire of the Guardians by agreeing with having punched the viceroy in the face, and in so doing giving the impression he made only one attack on the viceroy, he apparently felt the need to be honest by specifying he punched the viceroy in the stomach and headbutted the viceroy in the face. His actions here show he will do what he perceives as the right thing, without regard for how it will be perceived by those with authority over him.

Another Excuse

Today was my little sister’s birthday. (If you need to refer to her by name, call her Snowflake. I called her Snowflake before on a live streaming event.) Her birthday had to be perfect, so I went to see a play with her.

Explaining Light to Rot Lop Fan

Rot Lop Fan is a Green Lantern whose species comes from an entirely lightless section of space. Green Lantern Katma Tui thought Rot Lop Fan was an ideal candidate for the Green Lantern Corps, and approached him to request he join the Green Lantern Corps. However, to an entirely sightless being, the terms “green” and “lantern” had no meaning.

Rot Lop Fan’s species had an advanced sense of hearing. Katma Tui reasoned that if she could not explain the concept of light, she would translate using sound. She introduced the Green Lantern Corps as the “F-Sharp Bell Corps”, and Rot Lop Fan’s outfit and power ring were modified accordingly to resemble a bell.

This is a reasonable accommodation, but since there apparently isn’t a sound-related term for other Lantern Corps, he is going to be very confused when his fellow “F-Sharp Bell Corps” members mention the Red, Blue, Orange, Black, and White Lantern Corps.

Below is a possible way Katma Tui could explain light to Rot Lop Fan. As the idea of visible light is entirely new to Rot Lop Fan, the explanation is kept simple. As I don’t know how technologically advanced Rot Lop Fan’s society is, scientific jargon is not included.

“In most known areas of space, life is supported by the energy created by hot spheres of gas in space. These are called “suns”. The suns are huge, heavy [dense] and full of flammable gases. Suns gain energy by mashing very tiny pieces of objects [atoms] together. When the two pieces are mashed together, they stick to each other and become one piece. In this process, energy is released. The energy can travel great distances, like a shout.

When it reaches a planet, it bounces off objects and changes properties. This is like making a sound in a cave: the sound bounces off the walls and the original sound changes. However, the energy from the sun isn’t amplified when it bounces off surfaces. Instead, some of the energy is absorbed by tiny structures in the object. It’s like how [fuzzy object from Rot Lop Fan’s planet] muffles sounds.

Other parts of the energy can still bounce off the object. Some peoples on other planets can detect the sun energy that bounces off objects. They call this energy ‘light’. The light is in a continuum, like the incremental changes between a soft sound and a loud sound. Each range of increments is called a ‘color’. Light in the weakest range is called ‘red’, while light in the strongest range is called ‘violet.’ Between those two is a range of ‘colors’, including the ‘color’ ‘green’. We made so many terms for these increments of sun energy because detecting light is an important sense to many peoples, and we can’t hear as well as your people can.

The creators of what you know as the F-Sharp Bell Corps gave enforcers of the law a tool that would be recognizable by the specific range of light increments that were absorbed. This specific range was called ‘green’. The tool had a round shape and fit around a finger; such objects are called ‘rings’. The tool also gave its user great power. Thus, the creators of the tool called it a ‘Green Power Ring.’

The wielders of a ‘Green Power Ring’ are named after an object called a ‘lantern’. ‘Lanterns’ were used by peoples whose primary sense relied on light to find their way in places without light. ‘Lanterns’ contained a very hot thing that is similar to a sun [a flame], and as such also produced light. As the wielders of a ‘Green Power Ring’ can make light using their ‘Green Power Ring’, they are called ‘Green Lanterns.’ “

Power Ring Mechanics: How to Burn Things with Light

In “Beware my Power: Part 2”, Kilowog and Shyir Rev enter the planet-destroying Liberator by entering from below and burning a hole through the floor.

How did they do this? Unlike the Red Lanterns, Green Lanterns’ powers aren’t associated with flames and burning.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology,1 green laser pointers can produce strong infrared light, which is not perceived by the human eye but is capable of causing retinal damage. Infrared light can also produce heat, as demonstrated by infrared lamps used to heat pet lizards and chicken eggs.

Therefore, the rings produce light in the infrared spectrum as well as the visible (green) spectrum, and the infrared part produces heat sufficient to burn through the hull of the Liberator.

But what about the retinal damage? It’s possible the life-support bubble was still surrounding them when either one of them or both burnt through the hull. If so, the life-support bubble may have filtered the infrared light. It’s possible they closed their eyes to protect themselves from retinal damage, but improbable: they would need their vision to make a shape as precise as a circle. If the life support bubble was not active and they didn’t closed their eyes, the infrared light may have reached their eyes.

However, neither Kilowog and Shyir Rev are human: they are aliens whose physiology is unknown. Therefore, it’s possible their eyes are resistant to infrared damage, impervious to it, or able to regenerate from it.

If power rings really do operate like green laser pointers (in one function), it’s possible they are made partly from neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate or some other, similar material.


I was trying to complete a Wednesday post, but I don’t think it’s wise to work into the night on a weekday. On account of being sick yesterday night, my sleep schedule is off and I have felt tired for a while. I would rather not risk extending my tiredness to the next day.

Just to prove I was indeed working on a Wednesday post, here’s a teaser:

“Papa Hal”: Why Hal Jordan is a Good Father Figure

Hal Jordan is able to avoid the fundamental attribution error. He can consider external factors when evaluating the cause of someone’s behavior, rather than exclusively blaming it on the person’s personality.

Larfleeze’s Motion Habits

While capable of flight, he does not fly unless his destination would be difficult or impossible to reach by walking. (en route to the chamber of Orange Lantern rings, he, Razer and Kilowog had to pass through the mouth of a statue, which was located high above the ground) His habit of infrequent flight might highlight his bestial nature in these ways: it’s not so apparent he’s a quadruped when he’s flying, and he’s so crazy or reduced in cognition he doesn’t realize it would be quicker to fly to his destination.

(Note Larfleeze’s limb proportions)

The way Larfleeze’s limbs are proportioned suggests his species is adapted to bipedal locomotion in the manner of human locomotion. While a human with normal proportions could not perfectly imitate him, (see “Why Larfleeze Looks Different in GLTAS”) his movement patterns seem to be based on a human walking on all fours.

(Yellow circle: Ankle; Red circle: Knee; Blue Circle; Hip Joint)

While Kilowog is making a “deal” with Larfleeze, Larfleeze is briefly entirely upright. (He may appear hunched, but that’s almost certainly the most upright natural posture of his species.)

Larfleeze didn’t have to rise onto two legs to make a deal with Kilowog. That he chose to do so could be explained in-universe by Larfleeze wanting his feet to touch the ground sooner when Kilowog was gently lowering him from his own shoulders. Larfleeze may also have chosen to do this so he could better look at Kilowog’s facial expressions while physically close to him. (It doesn’t look as if Larfleeze has a neck that’s capable of tilting upwards much, so if Larfleeze stood on all fours beside Kilowog’s feet, Larfleeze might not be able to see Kilowog’s facial expressions.) Out-universe, the crew may have decided to have Larfleeze stand on two legs at this point to indicate humanlike cognitive abilities. (to be more specific, the ability to bargain)




This is so stupid and I apologize in advance. I’m taking it down in a week. Watch it if you think you can.



Normally, I do not reblog non-science stuff. But… HAHAHAHA It’s fairly well-acted. It certainly could be worse. If GLTAS was this weird I might be laughing nonstop. This relates to a dream I had a few days ago in which GLTAS got a new season/new shorts based on comedy, a la the New Teen TItans shorts on DC Nation. I hope that doesn’t happen, but this felt like a good time to bring up the contents of that dream.

Should anyone object to reblogs in which I don’t have anything significant to add, please tell me.

Larfleeze’s Fighting Style

Larfleeze does not use constructs as often as other Lanterns do, nor does he use a variety of constructs. Indeed, the only constructs he uses is a giant version of himself and the form of Glomulus. The giant version of himself probably mimics his movements. (Only “probably” because the audience does not see Larfleeze as he is controlling the construct, but the Larfleeze construct’s “tantrum” motions do match what Larfleeze would do in the same situation.)
The Glomulus constructs appear mindless, but are sophisticated compared to the constructs of other Lantern Corps, both in form and adaptability. They appear lifelike1; they chase intruders, attempt to devour intruders, remove themselves from walls after crashing into them, and make motions as if removing dust from their heads after crashing into walls. Notably, they can produce sound, which (in GLTAS) most Lantern constructs cannot do.2

Hal Jordan has tried imitating lifeforms in constructs. “Beware My Power: Part 1”, Hal makes a construct of Ganthet and attempts to project his voice when the security machine demands identification. The mouth movements of the Ganthet simulacrum do not match Hal’s dialogue, and the movements of the construct’s limbs are humorously floppy. In contrast, the Glomulus constructs are coordinated, and their sounds and mouth movements perfectly timed.
“Beware my Power: Part 2”, Hal tries to distract Razer by making a decoy of himself. The decoy matches Hal’s body shape, but is entirely of the same color. It also lacks the surface detail of Hal’s mask. It can zigzag in flight, but the audience has not seen it adapt its movements to changing conditions or indisputably avoid obstacles, rather than incidentally avoiding obstacles by manner of its zigzagging. Larfleeze’s constructs are multiple shades of orange, highly detailed, and capable of adjusting movement. (turning a corner)

When not using Glomulus or a giant version of himself, his fighting style consists of lunges, kicks, punches3, and attempts to crush heads.

While limited in constructs, he is capable of lifting heavy objects by enveloping it in Orange energy. (he carried a treasure chest by enveloping it in Orange energy.)

  1. In the comics, Larfleeze’s constructs—-or at least his lifelike ones, it wasn’t clear—-are people he previously murdered. They apparently retain their personalities. 

  2. Only “most”, because there are exceptions. In the episode “Larfleeze”, Hal drops a truck construct to destroy some Glomulus constructs. As it falls, it produces the sound of a trunk horn. This sound isn’t attributable to the sound of impact, and it’s unlikely Hal can imitate a truck horn so perfectly.) 

  3. While striking Hal on the face, his strikes are accompanied by “punching” noises. However, his hands aren’t in the form of fists. It’s more like clawing, smacking or open-palm strikes

Does LANOS have emotion?

Does LANOS have emotion?

If LANOS is capable of emotion, as Aya is (at the very least she can feel love, and pain/some analogue to pain) then Hal and Kilowog could be considered as verbally abusive towards LANOS. LANOS didn’t do anything to deserve their insults and anger. He did only what he could to fulfill their requests.

In “Reboot”, the following conversation indicates Hal doesn’t like LANOS (at least in comparison to Aya):

Hal: “Hey, Aya! We’re back. Let’s get going. Did you miss us?”

LANOS: “Aya is no longer installed on this vessel. I am LANOS, the Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System.”

Kilowog: “LANOS?”

Hal: “More like Lame-O.”

Hal could have said, “Hey, LANOS, we’d like Aya instead. Can you arrange to download her on the ship in your place?” rather than calling him “Lame-O.” Is it because he’s male/male-sounding? Is there some discrimination towards male-sounding artificial intelligences? (I should research this.)

Does LANOS have memories from “Reboot”, or was LANOS just the name of the software and the LANOS unit downloaded in “Larfleeze” was not the same as the one in “Reboot”? If the LANOS of “Larfleeze” and later episodes is the same LANOS as the one in “Reboot”, then LANOS apparently doesn’t hold grudges. If he does, he does not let it show. He even responds to being called Lame-O in “Scarred”:

Kilowog: “Lame-O, would you do me a favor and SHUT UP?”

LANOS: “Happy to be of service.”

Kilowog: “Lame-O, you’re supposed to warn us about hostiles!”

LANOS: “Previously, you asked me to “shut up”. I successfully executed your orders.”